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Letters to Dean

Posted by Russell on May 11, 2006 at 3:25 a.m.
"I've been a proud barer of a Democracy Bond from the moment they became available. I've given what I can to the party and to candidates I think are worth supporting.

"For this reason, it has disturbed and saddened me that there appears to be a nasty dust-up between Howard Dean and a number of gay organizations and individuals. Dean's comments on the Christian Broadcasting Network disavowing support for the civil rights of gay Americans are a betrayal of our core values as a party. We are the party for Everyone, and that includes gay folks.

"The Democratic Party has enough trouble defining its message as it is. The one thing is has been clear about is that it stands up for folks who are otherwise very vulnerable.

"If Dean wants a message to give to Christians, how about this: 'The Democratic Party isn't afraid to stand up for the weak, no matter who they are. Christ's compassion encompasses all people, and we endeavor to emulate that.'

"Please, for the sake of our party, make peace with gay activists. For the good of the party, gay activists may need to make themselves somewhat less visible, but this pressure should be applied quietly, respectfully, and in private.

"I am neither gay nor a gay activist, but these folks are part of our movement. It is important for the Democratic Party to embrace gay rights, as long as it is clear that gay people are AMONG the MANY vulnerable groups we protect."

--Russell Neches

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