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The Train Nazi

Posted by Russell on March 24, 2007 at 8:48 p.m.
[From Yesterday]

Mimi and I are on the Acela Express to New York, and we made the mistake of sitting in the Quiet Car. The quiet car features a conductor that yells at you every time you whisper to the person next to you. If you take out your cell phone, even to turn it off, he yells that there are no cell phones on the Quiet Car. Then when you put it away, he yells at you again. If you are listening to headphones, he yells at you about the tiny, nearly inaudible twitters that escape into the aisle. And I do mean inaudible -- I had no idea the person sitting three feet behind me was listening to music until the conductor brought this to the attention of everyone on the car. He even glared at us and hovered over our seats because he caught us passing notes to each other.

The net effect is that this easily is the loudest car on the train. The sign says, "Please refrain from loud talking or using cell phones in this car." Evidently, the conductor interprets this as "No communicating whatsoever."

If he simply gestured, or shushed people, that would be fine. If he asked politely, that would be fine. This is insulting.

We would have moved to another car, but this is where the last seats were. Evidently, no one wants to sit in the Quit Car, and no wonder.

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