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Watch them go

Posted by Russell on July 18, 2007 at 3:15 a.m.
The Republicans are filibustering the amendment to Defense Authorization bill, and Mr. Reid is forcing them to actually stand up and do it. It's been quite fun watching them sleepily fumble through their speeches. The opponents of the filibuster look and sound like they planned well. They've had their naps and their coffee, and have been turning up for their 3 AM speeches ready for a fight.

A lot of people have been calling this political theater, and that real debate doesn't happen during these marathon sessions. The speeches so far, though, have been pretty serious.

Mr. Reid has threatened to instruct the sergeant at arms to round up enough senators to keep the quorum. I'd love to see some senators -- of either party -- dragged half-asleep onto the Senate floor in their pajamas.

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