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GPL vs. BSD : Huullauauahgha!

Posted by Russell on September 02, 2007 at 4:26 a.m.
Evidently, when a chunk of software is simultaneously licensed under the BSD license and the GPL, it becomes unusable to projects that use the BSD license. No, wait. GPLed projects can borrow BSD licensed code, but not visa versa. No wait. When a chunk of code is under a dual BSD/GPL license, you get to pick which one to follow, which means you can ignore one of them.

Fuck. I hate this shit.

How about this :

The No-Lawyers License

Permission is hereby granted for the use of this file and all of its contents and any representation, derivative, or portion thereof for any purpose whatsoever, unless :
  • You are a lawyer
  • You are an employee of a law firm
  • You are a contractor of a law firm
If the conditions above are violated, you are prohibited from examining, discussing, writing about, quoting, referencing, citing, or interpreting this file or any of its representations, derivatives or portions for any purpose whatsoever.
I just want to write code and let other people use it. If people make improvements, I'd be happier if they gave their improvements back to me. Why is this so goddamn difficult?
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