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Weak sauce

Posted by Russell on September 25, 2008 at 3:17 p.m.
So, it looks like once again, the Democrats are letting themselves get stampeded into yet another colossal Whitehouse-hyped fiasco. Everyone is so very impressed with Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke, and their wonderful credentials, that they're willing to take their bullshit at face value. Remember Colin Powel's photos of Iraqi mobile weapons labs? Remember the incredible haste with with which Congress was forced to ram through amnesty for treasonous telecommunication companies? Remember the $300 billion we blew on the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008? Like most Americans, I sent most of mine to the Saudis. Pfft.

I am continuously astonished by the ability of conservatives to refuse to, you know, conserve. When difficult times come along, there is somehow always a refusal to prioritize and make sacrifices. That doesn't make the difficult times go away, so instead we end up sacrificing important things instead of unimportant things. For example, when it was clear a few months ago that consumer spending was flagging, it was decided that putting a few extra dollars in the people's pockets would help.

What did Congress do, at the urging of the Whitehouse? It borrowed the money. If that were the only way to put a few hundred bucks in people's pockets, then so be it. But it wasn't. One of the things that was taking money out of people's pockets was the spike in gasoline prices. Push prices down, and everyone who uses gasoline would be that much richer. What's the simplest way to reduce gas prices? Why, to use less of it, of course. What's the simplest way to do that? Impose a speed limit. Duh.

A conservative financial decision would have been to lay it out to the American people this way: We can either borrow the money to give to you, and then make you pay for it with higher debt maintenance payments and higher taxes, or we can impose a 55 MPH speed limit for 200 days. Now, driving 55 sucks, but don't you think it'd be worth it to avoid running up the debt? Don't you think it'd be worth it for lower prices and a little extra money in your pocket every week?

But no! Driving huge vehicles far, fast and for no reason is the American Way of Life! It's evidently more important to protect the sanctity of the gas pedal than to safeguard the solvency of our republic.

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